Patagonia Auto Sales - LEMONS

2848 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115


I bought a car here on Jan 3rd, 2013. Exactly 12 days later the engine died. When I called them up they said they would handle the labor for the replacement, then never called me back. After multiple attempts to call them they returned my call (as the engine was being installed at another mechanic, since I had already waited another week for contact). They then pretended they hadn't agreed to the previous arrangement.

Don't make the mistake I did! The car ended up costing me over TWICE what I paid them for it. You'd be better off going to ANY other dealership! My lesson: if they don't offer a warranty (Patagonia offers none), there is probably a reason why.

Update Nov 26 I received a fabricated report today claiming I was hired as their web developer and that they paid $5000 USD. None of that is true, but it shows this place will continue harrassing me over their mistake. In case it wasn't clear already these are not the sorts of people you want to do business with.

Update Dec 3 Today I got a voicemail for a false medical appointment scheduled online using my information by Patagonia Auto Sales! How do I know they did it? The information entered was the outdated information they had on the sales record. Just more proof these guys are untrustworthy!


If anyone would like to buy this domain it can be purchased for the price of the new engine +$1000 (for the harrassment) and the interest since Jan 2013. Send an email to